Monocl Engage enables teams and organizations to align their internal initiatives and activities in collaboration with external stakeholders. Here below is a quick summary oh the features you will find available in Engage and the purpose for each of them.

Engagement Plans

Plans that you create and define as part of your engagement with Experts/KOLs.


Contacts could be any external contacts that you engaging with, e.g. Experts and KOLs. Contacts can live independently as a master list and then be added and shared across multiple engagement plans.

Platform Statements

Platform statements are comprised of a series of statements that support the use of a product or initiative that you want to discuss with Experts/KOLs part of an engagement plan strategy. Statements are created for each individual plan and alignments can be set for each Contact.

Engagement Activities

Activities and tasks that need to be completed when engaging with experts/KOLs to reach your objectives.


Members is the executive team that are added to each individual engagement plan. There are 3 different roles and permission levels: Owner, Admin and Member.

Now that you know more about how you can use each part of Engage, you can just get started and create you first Engagement Plan in the Engage Tab by clicking on Create Engagement Plan.

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