The mapping and identification of Digital Influencers (DIs) has become crucial for the industry as a consistent source for collaboration and identifying the reach of experts. With Monocl Professional you will be able to map and identify the influence an expert has through their Twitter profile. DIs in essence, are Opinion Leaders on a digital platform. In this article we will demonstrate a strategy for using Monocl Professional to find relevant DIs for a specific purpose. Monocl Professional will allow you to identify the reach an expert has through their digital presence. 

The Case 

" I need to map the US academic (DIs) that are influential in Breast Cancer and have presented at American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) "

Monocl Professional allows you to use multiple keywords however for this case it may be applicable to use a broader search and only include a single keyword. 

There are important characteristics to be taken into consideration when your objective is to select the right DIs from a pool of experts related to a topic. By using filters available in Monocl Professional, you can consider interesting characteristics such as the level of seniority, experience in collaborations with companies, published in journals of high journal ranking and more. For our use case, the focus is to select academic DIs located within the US so you can take advantage of the proposed strategy below with the following filters. 

  1. Location:  
    By using "United States" in the location filter, you will be selecting only experts based in US.

  2. Boards & Positions:
    It can be interesting to consider if they are currently members of Journal Editorial Boards, since this is usually an important indication of academic seniority. In this case, this filter will assist you in selecting these experts by using the option Member of Any Editorial Board.

  3. Author Characteristics:
    We are using this filter to address seniority based on their productivity over time, as the aim is to target academic (DIs). One can use e.g total number of publications = 90+ for this purpose. Setting the total number of publications as last author = 15+ would select experts that have been steering their own research and studies by being last author. Another interesting filter would be to use published at least once in a journal with journal ranking = 11+ filter in order to select experts that are relevant to the research topic as they have had their research recognized by renowned journals.

  4. Presenter Characteristics:
    Under the Presenter Characteristics dropdown we are able to type for specific meetings mapped in Monocl Professional. To filter for experts that have had a presenter role and attended a particular conference, such as ASCO, we would type ASCO and select the desired meeting date. Active participation in important conferences can also indicate relevance and impact of a particular expert in a community.

  5. Social Media: This filter allows us to recognize an expert as a Digital Influencers. We will need to first select Twitter account available. This will ensure an expert has a validated Twitter account. Next we will increase the Twitter Follower bar from 0 to 300 so we are capturing all experts with a Twitter following of 300 to 10,000+.

Based on these guidelines, you can see how this search would look in Monocl Professional within the screenshot below. Note that the filters and sub-categories are indicated in the green rectangles at the top of the list. To help rank experts that are relevant, note in the top of the list the sorting options applied to the list are by "Relevance" and "Active in the last 2 Years" in the topics indicated by the keywords. 

The screenshot above shows a relevant list of 139 profiles to be considered for this use case. You can quickly check each experts social reach by reviewing the total number of Twitter followers located to the right of each name. 

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