Is the Monocl for CRM data GDPR compliant?
Yes, please read about our privacy policy

Does Monocl for CRM support Salesforce lightning and classic?
Yes, both versions.

What Salesforce license do I need to use Monocl for Salesforce?
Any of the enterprise family licenses will be sufficient 

Does Monocl for CRM store any data or fields into my organization's Salesforce/Veeva Objects?
No, after connecting your lead or contact to Monocl for Salesforce the enriched data will remain only in the Monocl for Salesforce component, shown in red below. For further info please read

Is it possible to search within in the Moncol for CRM component? For example, for a specific therapeutic area.
No, the enriched data in the Moncol for CRM component is linked to either one of your leads or contact and will be updated weekly with the latest activities. In addition, you can click “View Full Profile”, marked below, to explore more about the profile of interest in the Monocl Platform 

My organization have custom requirements for adding as leads that doesn't match the default information fields in "add as lead" function.  Is there a way to add our customized fields to meet our requirements?
Yes, the features is built on "flows" in Salesforce and can be customized to include all your mandatory fields so you can add the leads to your Salesforce and thus meet your specific requirements . Please read

Will the enriched data still be tied to a specific profile once I decide to convert the lead to a contact?
Yes, however make sure that the Monocl component is added to the page layout both to your lead page as well as your contacts page.

What does the letters in blue boxes next to an expert’s name indicate?
The blue boxes with letters next to an expert’s name, shown in the image, is explained below.

S stands for Senior Author

I stands for Clinical Trial Investigator

G stands for Grant Recipient

P stands for Industry Payment Recipient

C stands for Company Investor

N stands for No activity during the last 2 years

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