Exploring the network of established opinion leaders or existing customers can be a great way of identifying other key stakeholder within the same field of research.

To open an experts' profile, you just needs to search for the name of your customer in Monocl Professional (first name + last name) as a regular search in the search field. Once you have opened the profile, click on the Collaborators tab as shown below.

When exploring the collaborators of one of your core customers, there are some important characteristics to take into consideration. To find other relevant experts, the use of the filters are highly recommended in order to target profiles with particular characteristics.

Some tips:

Filter by Career Start to target experts in a specific phase of their career (junior/senior). With this filter, you are selecting experts based on their first publication year.

With the Investigator Characteristics filter, you can search for experts with Any trial involvement.

By refining the Author Characteristics, you can look for experts that have been academically active. The Total number of publications as last author filter can help identifying experts that have been conducting own research, as well as published at least once in journals with journal ranking can assist in selecting degrees of relevance to the selected experts in a list (the higher the journal ranking of the journals that they publish, the higher their relevance).

If you would like to read more about how to use an expert's network to find Opinion Leaders and Rising Stars, you can check our Use Cases section.

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