You now have the chance to login in Monocl with your Salesforce credentials! 

Here is how to log-in with salesforce for the first time: 

  • In the Monocl login page, select "sign in with Salesforce"; 
  • The salesforce login page will open, and you should write your salesforce credentials;
  • You will be brought back to the Monocl login page. There, select “change login method?” as shown in the screenshot below:
  • A new page will open, write your email address (the same email address should be used for both Monocl license and Salesforce access);
  • You will receive the email "Password reset for Monocl EGO". Open it and click on "Choose new password" as shown in the screenshot;
  • You will be back at the Monocl login page where you should NOT change your password but simply click on sign in with salesforce.

Now you are set to go and to signing in with Salesforce. You will not have to go through this loop any time after the first one: from now on is going to be just one click!

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