Finding experts to start a new clinical trial at the right site is a fundamental step in Clinical Research. In this article, a strategy to use Monocl Professional to find sites with relevant experts with experience in clinical trials as principal investigators will be demonstrated.

The case:

“I need to map hospitals in France with PIs that have experience in Interventional Clinical Trials Phase III or IV related to Myocardial Ischemia”


To find the right experts, it is essential to have a very defined case and be sure about what the main objective is and what is the general goal. This way, it is possible to select the right search terms and filters. 

In this case the topic to be explored is going to be general, so that the list can be curated based on the Investigator characteristics and their location. All the experts are required to be involved only with “Myocardial Ischemia” as shown below:  

There are important characteristics to be taken into consideration when your objective is to select the right principal investigators in clinical trials and in a specific location among a pool of experts related to a topic. 

By using the filters available in Monocl Professional, it is possible to address several characteristics of the experts to narrow down the outcome for each specific search. For this use-case, the focus is to select hospitals and PIs in France; therefore, the following filters can be used: 


  1. Location
    By using “France” in the location filter, you will be selecting only experts based in this Country.

  2. Primary Affiliation
    This filter can be used in two different ways: targeted to a specific affiliation (e.g. Angers University Hospital) or in a broader way, to select only experts affiliated to “a hospital”. In this case, it should be entered in the primary affiliation filter as the word Hospital. For countries where the principal language is not english, it is helpful to add the word "hospital" in the original language as well or any other related terms (in this case, in french, "Hopital", "Groupe Hospitalier", "Clinique"). Be aware that the system will look for the specific term you input in the affiliation information showed in the experts' profiles, so the term always has to be used in the singular form, as it would be mentioned.

  3. Investigator Characteristics
    This filter is intended to address only experts with experience in clinical trials. There are several sub-filters to explore different clinical trial involvements, clinical trial types and more. In this case, Investigator role = Principal Investigator to select only experts that have been involved in this role in at least 1 clinical trial. These clinical trials should be of specific kinds: Involved in specific trial type = Interventional and Involved in specific trial phase = III and IV.

A helpful feature to select the right target site for clinical trial experts is to use the Affiliation View. As seen in the screenshot below (note red rectangle), the most frequent expert affiliations for this specific search are grouped and listed here. This makes it easier to select the most probable hospital to contact for the specific interest, where several competent experts might be interested in the topic and have the right skills and knowledge. It can also be an easy way to find local small hospitals that can make your trial study time wise.

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