Finding the right expert for a trial is essential in Clinical Research and not always easy. In this article we demonstrate a strategy to use Monocl Professional to find relevant experts with previous experience in clinical trials as Principal Investigators.

The case:

“I need to map experts based in Europe with experience in clinical trials related to Diabetes and GLP-1, who have been involved already in Phase II trials as Principal Investigators”

To find the right experts, it is very important to have clear criteria you would like to target. One should use the right search terms and filters to get to the best possible list of interesting profiles. In this case, two keywords can be used for the search as described below:

As covered in the Search and Construct Search Strings article, when a search is performed, the logic of it will be by default "Diabetes Mellitus AND GLP-1", meaning that the experts must have worked with both indication areas (learn more here if you would like to use a different logic for the search). 

Please note that in some cases using the abbreviation of a specific term will not give an indexed keyword as a result. The abbreviation can still be used as “free text”, but we always advise to use the specific full name and not the abbreviated version, if the full version is available as indexed keyword. 

There are important characteristics to be taken into consideration when your objective is to select the right Principal Investigators among a pool of experts related to a topic. By using the filters available in Monocl Professional, it is possible to address several characteristics of the experts to narrow down the outcome for each specific search. For this use case, the focus is to select specialists in Europe experienced in clinical trials and in particular in Phase II. Therefore, the following filters can be used: 


  1. Location
    By using “Europe” in the location filter, you will be selecting only experts based in Europe. Please note that, alternatively, it is possible to use filters for each specific country within Europe or Europe (EU5), which includes UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

  2. Author Characteristics Finally, to assure a certain level of seniority, one can use e.g. total number of publications = 100+. Also, in order to select experts that are very relevant to the research topic and whose research has been recognised by renowned journals, one can use the published at least once in a journal with journal ranking = 10+ filter.

  3. Investigator Characteristics
    This filter is intended only to address experts with experience in clinical trials. There are several sub-filters to explore different clinical trial involvements, clinical trial types and so on. One can use e.g. Investigator Role = Principal Investigator to select only experts that have been involved in this role in at least 1 clinical trial. It can also be of interest, as in this use case, to select specifically experts involved in a specific phase of clinical trials, using, for instance, involved in specific trial Phase = II.

Based on these guidelines, you can see in the screenshots below how this search would look like. Note that the filters used and their specifications are indicated in the green rectangles in the top of the list. Also, to help the ranking of experts that are relevant to the search, note in the top of the list that the sorting options applied to the list are by "Relevance” and “Active in the last 5 years" in the topics indicated by the keywords.

After selecting the right experts, it is possible to save the data in a project (see tutorial here) or export the list as an Excel, PowerPoint or CSV files (see tutorial here).

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