Identifying the right potential customers is extremely important for sales lead generation. Monocl Professional can help reduce the time spent on prospecting, generating extremely relevant and targeted prospect lists. 

The case:
"We need to map prospects working with high resolution microscopy anywhere in Europe, who could be interested in buying our newest microscopy products"

To find the right contacts, it is very important to have clear criteria for the contacts to be targeted. One should use the right search terms and filters to get to the best possible list of interesting profiles. In this case two search terms can be used, as described below:

As covered in the Search and Construct Search Strings article, when a search is performed, the logic will be by default "Search Term X AND Search Term Y", but in this case the search has both terms set as "Preferred", performing the search as "anyone related to super resolution microscopy OR to high resolution microscopy" (learn more here about different search logics). 

There are important characteristics that should be taken into consideration when creating a list of prospects. By using the filters that Monocl Professional offers, it is possible to narrow down the number of prospects, focusing on the most relevant profiles for your purposes. For this use case, the focus is to select prospects anywhere in Europe, working with the described field, that might be interested in purchasing a microscopy product. To have a good list of prospects, the use of a few filters can be helpful:

  1. Location
    Sales teams are usually divided by territory. You have the option to focus your search on your specific territory or by multiple regions to provide leads to the sales organisation. In this case, the focus is Europe, and this was used to select contacts only in this area.

  2. Author Characteristics
    It is important to target profiles with the right characteristics, with the right seniority level for each case. In this example, it can be a good idea to target contacts that might be more likely to make budget decisions themselves or that are leading their own group/project. One way to address this aspect is by setting the total number of publication = 30+.

Based on the settings above, you can see how this search would look like in Monocl Professional in the screenshots below. Note that the filters used, and their specification, are indicated in the green rectangles at the top of the list. Also, to help ranking the prospects according to who is more important for the specific search, it is possible to use the sorting options. In this case, the experts are ranked by "Relevance" and "Active in the last 2 years" in the topic indicated by the keywords.

With these settings, we narrowed down the pool of experts' profiles to 3 930. You can quickly check the information about each of them by looking at the numbers disclosed under each name and/or exploring the charts for each prospect on the right side. After selecting the right experts, it is possible to save the data in a project (see tutorial here) or export the list as an Excel, PowerPoint or CSV files (see tutorial here).

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