Finding the right audience for marketing campaigns is more about the relevance of the audience than the number of people to be included in the campaigns. Focusing on the right audience will increase your rate of success, independent of the amount of people in your lists. In this article we will demonstrate how to use Monocl Professional to find the right prospects to target.

The case:

“We need to find the right contacts based in the United States, to whom I can send my new marketing campaign related to Immunohistochemistry equipment and in particular its use for Prostate Cancer research”

To find the right contacts it is important to have a very clear goal in terms of what kind of professionals you need to target, and this includes finding the right search terms to use in Monocl Professional. Any life-sciences-related term can be used as a search term, including diseases, techniques, drugs, proteins and much more. In this case, two keywords can be used as search terms as described below:

As covered in the Search and Construct Search Strings article, when a search is performed, the logic will be by default “Prostate Cancer AND Immunohistochemistry”, meaning that the prospects must have been working with both topics used (learn more here if you would like to use a different logic for the search). 

There are important characteristics to be taken into consideration when looking for the right stakeholders and some of the filters in Monocl Professional might help when it comes to precise targeting. For this use-case, the focus is to select contacts based in the US, working in the described field, who might be interested in a specific marketing campaign. To have a good list of experts, the use of a few filters can be helpful:

  1. Location
    By using "United States” in the location filter, you will be selecting only experts based in the US. You can also use, in the US case, any specific US state instead.

  2. Author Characteristics
    It is important to establish the characteristics of the right target, one that has the power to make decisions concerning the purchase of new equipment or services. Therefore, we can address a certain level of seniority, which is often translated to a significant number of total publications, including publications as last author, in relatively well ranked journals. For this purpose, we can use the filter total number of publications = 70+, total number of publications as last author = 10+ and published at least once in a journal with a minimum required journal ranking = 10+.

  3. Grants
    Funding is usually a good indicator of relevant contacts that would be in the right stage, financially speaking, to buy new equipment or services. For this reason, it might be relevant to set, for instance, the total grant funding received = $5 000 000+ and, to ensure continuity in the grants received, the number of grant payments received = 5+

Based on these guidelines, you can see how this search would look like in Monocl Professional in the screenshots below. Note that the filters used, and their specifications, are indicated in the green rectangles at the top of the list. Also, to help in ranking the contacts according to who might be more relevant in the search, it is possible to use the sorting options. In this case the prospects are ranked by “Relevance” and “Active in the last 10 years" in the topic indicated by the keywords.

With these settings we narrowed down our pool of experts to 2 289. You can quickly check information related to each contact by looking at the numbers disclosed under each name, but also exploring the chart for each contact on the right side. All these people have connections to the topic described and they might be interested in the campaign. Of course, the selection can be even more targeted (by adding different filters or more keywords), to refine the search even more. After selecting the right experts, it is possible to save the data in a project (see tutorial here) or export the list as an Excel, PowerPoint or CSV files (see tutorial here). By exploring each prospect’s profile (screenshot below), or by exporting the list to an excel file, you will get their contact information to send your marketing campaign.

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