In both the Expert and Activity Modules, the total number of results shown will be also subdivided in a numerical panel to provide more granularity about what kind of data was returned by the active search. Depending on what type of information you are looking for, the categories will change to reflect the main related data. In the case of the Expert Module, the panel will show how many from the total experts listed are Senior Authors, Investigators, Grant Payment Recipients and Industry Payment Recipients. Note that the numbers in each category do not add up independently to the total in any case, since a single expert can be both a Senior Author and an Industry Payment Recipient, for example.

The Activity Module offers even more granular information that varies according to the chosen research activity. For publications, the amount of Review articles, Clinical trial-related articles and Guideline articles is disclosed in the same area, in the top left side, above the filters.

If looking for Clinical Trials, the panel provides data regarding the Trials' Types and Industry Funded Trials.

And when searching for Grant Payments, the information regards the total Sum of Grant Payments for the topic, the Largest Grant Payment and the Average Grant Payment.

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