The Topics view, in the Activity Module, is a great way to get insights about the correlated areas for your searched term. In this section you will be able to see the most frequent keywords associated with the term that you are searching for, per category, enabling a quick assessment on the related areas and even new relevant topics.

In the publications tab, for example, one can select the Topics view and see a list of keywords related to the topic searched divided in the following categories: diseases, drugs & proteins, techniques, anatomy, organisms and other. By accessing each list, you are able to see the related publications for each suggested keyword by clicking in the respective bar, which will also show the number of publications (see red arrow). Other than the list of most recent publications related to your active search and the topic chosen from the list, you can also see how the research in the intersected areas has been evolving throughout the years in the publication trend chart. The Topics view is available for publications and clinical trials.

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