The Activity Module provides three different ways of viewing the results of your active search. The Chart view shows a brief analysis compiled from the list of results shown in the list view and you will find different analysis for each research activity available on the Activity Module.

1. Publications

The content of the Chart view under the Publications tab includes the publication trend, for the topic(s) used to perform the search, and a quick list of the journals with most publications listed. The Journal Ranking information will be located next to each journal name (see blue circle on screenshot) to facilitate a better analysis.

2. Clinical Trials

Different assessments will be provided depending on the type of data that one chooses to look at. When viewing the Charts available under the Clinical Trials tab, the information reflects the overall data disclosed in the results list. In this case, the charts include information on: Clinical Trials Started Per Year, Recruitment Status Distribution and Phase Distribution. Note that all the information available concerns the keywords used in the active search.

3. Grant Payments

In the Charts for Grant Payment, the Number of Grant Payments Per Year and Top Grant Payers will be shown. 

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