The Activity Module covers three different types of research activities: publications, clinical trials and grant payments. When searching for a specific field of interest in this module, you will be able to navigate among the three different activities' listings (see screenshot). 

In order to export content from the Activity Module, you first need to choose what type of activity you want to export (e.g. publications), by clicking in the respective tab, and then requesting the export. Note that you will only be able to export information about each activity separately, such as one list for publications and other list only for clinical trials.

To export data, select the tab including the content of interest, e.g. clinical trials, (indicated by the red rectangle) and then click on the Export button (red arrow). 

You can indicate a number of publications that you want to gather from the list, considering the list order, in the export window. In the example below, 10 was the number of publications requested, meaning that the TOP 10 publications on the list will be exported. Click here to read more on how to change the list's order.

After clicking on "Export", a notification will indicate when your file will be ready for download.

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