The information about an expert's affiliation is retrieved from the publications they have published the last couple of years. In publications there are usually one or multiple authors listed with their affiliation data and in some cases also contact information. This information is used by Monocl in order to understand where an expert is most likely based. Some experts very seldom share their affiliation data in their publications and they are therefore more challenging to place correctly.

The affiliation of the experts in Monocl is correct in about 85-90% of all cases. Reasons for why it might be incorrect in some cases are:

  • The expert has recently moved and have not yet published a sufficient number of publications from the new affiliation
  • In the expert's recent publications, the authors have entered multiple affiliations referring to all authors of the publication (see screenshot from PubMed below, where multiple affiliations, indicated by different colors, refers to every author). This can result in Monocl mixing up any of the co-authors' affiliations to be the expert's affiliation as well.

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