You can work with an expert collaborators in four different workspaces:

  • List view
  • Relations view
  • Locations view
  • Affiliations

The experts are sorted by the number of collaborations they have had with the expert you are reviewing. Note that a collaboration between two experts in Monocl means that they have co-authored a publication, been involved in the same clinical trial or received the same grant payment.

If you are looking for a specific type of collaborators, you can use the refine-section to filter for collaborators based at a specific affiliation or in a specific country, for example.

You can also get the list of the Top 50 collaborators of one expert by exporting the expert's profile to an Excel file (as shown in the picture below). The file will contain a tab with the list of collaborators including their emails, location, affiliation and overall information about their research activities.

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