The dynamic relations chart is one of the hallmarks of Monocl. It allows you to understand the collaborations between the top experts within your search. The relation chart is accessible through the expert module by pressing the icon indicated by the red circle (see screenshot below).

Just hover over an expert, represented by a grey circle, to review his or her collaborations. More information about each expert is provided in the information panel on the right hand side. By clicking one of the grey circles, you will select that specific expert to be able to review his or her collaborators, among the top experts, in more detail. Hovering over collaborators lets you review their three latest collaborations. Click the expert again when done to be able to review all other experts again. Please note that labels are shown as one-letter abbreviations in the centre of the circle. The abbreviations are explained on the right hand side, indicated by the blue square in the picture below.

By clicking on an expert in the chart, you are able to review detailed information on specific collaborations. When an expert is selected, you can hover over his or her collaborators and review their latest collaborations in detail. The number presented in the corner of circles in a collaboration network, indicates the number of research activities among the two selected experts (see picture below). Collaborations are counted based in publications, clinical trials, meeting presentations and grants in common. If you want more details regarding a specific expert, you can simply click on the name of the selected expert in the right hand panel to bring up the full expert's profile.

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