The project feature is an essential part of Monocl and it offers excellent capabilities to help you manage professional relationships. This guide will provide you with information on how to create, analyze and manage projects.

Projects can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as managing external expert development programs, understanding existing customer relations, identification of future advisors, conference planning, commercial opportunity scouting and much more.

1. Create a project

Projects can be created from different work spaces 

  1. The project workspace (screenshot 1.). Click the blue tab called "Create Project", indicated by the green circle - to create a new project.
  2. The expert workspace (screenshot 2). Click the grey tab called "Add to project", indicated by the green circle - to create a new project.

Assign a project name and, if necessary, add a brief description to the project. All the experts added to the project will now receive a tag with the project name in their profiles, making it easier to keep track of saved expert names and enabling a very powerful way of assessing research fields in relation to your different projects.

2. Add experts to a project

There are two ways to add experts to a project:

  1. Add a single expert to a project by pressing the button indicated by the red circle.
  2. Add a desired number of experts to a project by clicking "Add to project", indicated by the blue circle. You can add up to 5000 experts per project.

You can add experts to a project from multiple views in the platform, keep your eyes open for any of the two icons indicated by the red/blue circle.

2.1 Remove experts from a project

When viewing the list of experts in a project, one can click in the three dots sign close to each experts name in the list to show the option for removing experts, one by one, as in the screenshot below.

3. Manage projects

All of your projects are easily managed in the Projects tab, accessible through the top navigation bar. Simply press the icon and get to the full list of projects created by you. 

Review your different projects in the main menu. The number of experts are shown together with details on when each project was created and modified. You can manage individual projects by opening one and going to the Settings tab, indicated by the red circle in the picture below.

3.1. Invite members to your projects

To share a projects with colleagues, just open a project and go to the Members tab where you can select new users that will be able to view, edit and share it. To learn more about roles as "member" and "admin" and the differences applied, see this article about user permissions.

3.2 Analyze your projects

Use the "Analyze" button in your project to explore e.g. activities of saved experts overtime, identify experts working in overlapping research areas and slice and dice data based on location, productivity, career start and much more by using the filters.

4. Project tags - helps you keep track of experts

In all the workspaces within the Expert Module, you can easily see if an expert belongs to any of your projects. If an expert is included in a project, this is displayed by a tag with the project name. This enables you to easily keep track of experts as well as assessing research fields in relation to your different projects.

You can see an example of this in the pictures below, where the project-tags are shown in connection to one of the experts. In this example, the expert is added to one project called "Tumor Microenvironment", indicated by the red circle in the pictures.


With Monocl's Project feature - you can review top external experts in relation to a disease area, assess the impact of your leading customers in relation to a specific research field and/or geography, understand how well connected experts are within a specific project, who is collaborating with whom and much more.

If you would like help on how to use the projects feature in the best possible way, do not hesitate to reach out to customer success via the chat window in the platform or email and we will be happy to assist you.

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